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Equal Opportunities Policy (Page 3 of 4)

The director has specific responsibility for the effective implementation of this policy. Each director, manager and supervisor also have responsibilities and we expect all our employees to abide by the policy and help create the equality environment, which is its objective.

In order to implement this policy we shall:

- Communicate the policy to employees, job applicants and relevant others (such as contract or agency workers)
- Incorporate specific and appropriate duties in respect of implementing the equal opportunities policy into job descriptions and work objectives of all staff
- Provide equality training and guidance as appropriate, including training on induction and management courses.
- Ensure that those who are involved in assessing candidates for recruitment or promotion will be trained in non-discriminatory selection techniques
- Incorporate equal opportunities notices into general communications practices (eg, staff newsletters, intranet)
- Obtain commitments from other persons or organisations
- Monitoring and review

PCC Traffic Information Consultancy Ltd will establish appropriate information and monitoring systems to assist the effective implementation of our equal opportunities policy.

The effectiveness of our equal opportunities policy will be reviewed regularly [at least annually] and action taken as necessary. For example, where monitoring identifies an under-representation of a particular group or groups, we shall develop an action plan to address the imbalance.
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