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Speed Survey DMRB (TA22/81) Site Method Statement

General synopsis
Only experienced and permanent staff is used to execute this type of Survey application and to comply with the current DMRB TA22/81 guidelines.

Radar speed surveys are carried out using a hand held speed gun. These are calibrated periodically to ensure accuracy and compliance set out in the guidelines stated above. Our operators use unmarked vehicles for this survey type and are shielded from view so not to influence the vehicle speeds. In order that we comply with necessary health / safety and insurance policies suitable personal protective equipment is provided for the use of persons carrying out this work. Survey specifics are detailed in TA 22/81 and are typically 1 or 2 hours in duration overlooking the carriageway to record directional (where appropriate) free flow vehicle speeds.

The relevant Highway or local Authority is always informed prior to commencement of any fieldwork with any conditions and / or restrictions imposed by the Highway Authority are accommodated in arrangements - No preliminary visits are made to sites where work is to be carried out, since such surveys are arranged at short notice and no encroachment of the Highway takes place.

An assessment of the site and specific safety requirements is made on arrival; the assessment takes into account site visibility and site safety.

The equipment is always set up in order to minimise obstacles on the footway. Detector equipment is not obviously visible unless it is absolutely necessary as this will adversely affect the flow, speed & could potentially cause a hazard with vehicles taking unnecessary action upon noticing the equipment. All work is carried out as expeditiously as possible, leaving a safe site.

Noise risk assessment
Due to the limited time on the roadway per installation the noise risk assessment has been assessed as a very low risk.

Manual handling risk assessment

The only manual handling of equipment is the transfer of the Hand Held Radar Gun from the vehicle to the roadside and vice versa. The logger weighs approximately 1kg therefore this part of the job has been assessed as a very low risk.