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Queue Length Survey Methodology by Manual Observation

Queue length surveys are not an exact science and can therefore be open to different interpretation by different
people/clients.  For clarification purposes below are the four different methods that can be used to count queue lengths.

1. Worst case queue recorded by the number of vehicles within a 15 minute period and by lane where applicable.

2. Actual queue (spot) at each 15-minute interval and by lane where applicable.

3. Queue length determined by stationary vehicles at a red light stop up to and including the point where by the light
changes to amber and by lane where applicable.

4. Queue length to be recorded in metres until the vehicles are out of sight and by lane where applicable

Queues will be recorded by the number of vehicles or distance in metres for each lane where applicable until the vehicles
are out of sight.  So as to avoid any confusion a queue is defined as a line of more than 1 vehicle that is either stationary
or moving up to 4 mph and does not include vehicles “rolling” up to vehicles at the back.

Queues are recorded at 15 minute intervals unless specifically requested.