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Manual Classified Movement Counts: Our core business, from small T-junctions to major motorway interchanges, all movements are counted by teams of locally based enumerators.
Video Surveys: Using the latest low-light sensing digital camera technology, we are able to capture and record anything from queues on a specific road, junction movement flows to car park usage. Our cameras are totally self contained and, as such, can be covertly mounted with minimal evidence of surveillance taking place.  All images are recorded in ASF/AVI format and can be converted to DVD on request.
Non-Motorist Unit (NMU) Surveys: Using discreet battery operated cameras, that can be left in situe for up to 2 weeks, we can record all movements via motion detection and infrared.
Queue Length Surveys: Using cameras or Enumerators we can capture vehicle queue lengths at specific locations on roads or junctions measured by amount of vehicles, vehicle types or by length.
Automatic Traffic Counts (ATC): Using temporary pneumatic tubes and a data logger we can record vehicle movements by class and speed or volume only.
Car Park Surveys: At car parks we are able to record duration of stay, accumulation, detailed on street parking beats and/or full car park in/out analysis.
Radar Speed Gun Surveys: Fully calibrated hand held radar speed gun used by our trained operators. Flexible speed surveys to suite your specific needs and requirements.
Journey Time Surveys: Utilising special cameras and/or sophisticated GPS systems installed in our moving observer vehicle to record specific way points multiple times over the course of a day to give an average journey time for designated routes.
Vehicle Registration Surveys: By recording the registration plates of vehicles at specific locations, we can produce duration of stays, vehicles routes by origin/destination and trip times.
Interview Surveys: Our enumerators can conduct face-to-face interviews or carry out leaflet handouts. We are also able to collate information relating to boarding and alighting data on public transport.
Saturation Flows: By recording multiple samples of the start time of a green phase, the time of the second vehicle crossing the stop line, the time of the last vehicle in the queue crossing the stop line and the end of the green phase together with the type of vehicles in the queue, we can calculate the saturation flows of traffic light controlled junctions.