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Traffic Management Method Statement


All traffic control and safety measures to be carried out in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual 1991. All work will be planned, controlled, supervised by operation managers who will have under their control an operation assistant or senior traffic management operative. They in turn will control traffic management operatives whilst carrying out setting up, changeover or removal duties. All vehicles used will have a minimum of 3 No. amber warning beacons visible throughout 360 degrees be painted yellow in colour, if over 3 tonnes fitted with rear mounted directional arrow (diag. 610) and applied with retro-reflective tapes on rear. In addition all vehicles have a fitted mobile phone. All operatives shall wear safety clothing complying with BS/EN/471 when working at the location.

Setting Up Traffic Management

Signs will be located on the edge of the carriageway at the required locations with protection by a crash cushion vehicle where appropriate starting with the first advance warning sign. All signs will be weighted with sandbags for safety and the cones will be laid out along the channel over the length of the works and then Island site constructed with crash cushion vehicle protecting workforce as necessary.


Removal shall be carried out in reverse order of above.