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Manual On Street Beat Survey - Site Method Statement


Only experienced and permanent staff are employed to execute this type of Survey application.

Suitable personal protective equipment is provided for the use of persons carrying out this work, which includes reflective jackets/trousers and all staff working on the project will have identity badges on show at all times.

Should any accidents/incidents occur on site, they are reported and recorded in the accident book at the appropriate offices.

The relevant Highway Authority is always informed prior to commencement of any fieldwork (unless the Streets are on Private Grounds) with any conditions and/or restrictions imposed by the Highway Authority are accommodated in arrangements - Preliminary site visits are often made to sites where work is to be carried out, in order to evaluate site specific risks & safety requirements for the designated Streets.

The assessment takes into account site visibility and site safety especially with regard to motorists & pedestrians.  Also, during this initial assessment all road measurements of the designated streets within the beat area/street will be measured by trundle wheel, divided into 5 metre bays as requested noting all driveway accesses, any on street parking restrictions, disabled bays and single or double yellow lines etc, this will give us the theoretical total on street parking capacity available for the beat network. In practice though the actual figure recorded on the day relies on the motorists to park in an orderly fashion and allow vehicles to pass in the road way where practical. The measurement information has been tabulated back at the office into an excel spreadsheet.

This Method statement pertains to the execution of these surveys (typically 12 hour duration).

Method Statement (Induction)

Usually one hour before the start time of any Survey, a PCCTIC Site Supervisor will carry out a site-specific Health & Safety Induction to all enumerators employed and they will be given survey packs to identify their tasks in order to execute the fieldwork at the designated Car Parks.

Method Statement (Manual On Street Parking Beats)

During the survey the enumerators will walk their designated beat areas and record of every parked vehicle by street noting on which side they are parked directly to the paperwork. They will note any instances of illegal parking or other anomalies relating to that street, for example any skips that may have appeared or street works etc. The beats will be recorded in 30-minute intervals and at the end of each time period segment the supervisor will collect the paperwork so that the enumerators use the next series of sheets and the process will start again until the end of the survey.

Periodic monitoring of the enumerators welfare will be made by the supervisor. Also, a random check of a number of streets will be undertaken to help validate the enumerators findings with any remedial action being taken / advised upon. Once the survey completion period has been reached through the allotted survey hours or through any break relief period, the enumerators will meet up at the original meeting point and hand in all equipment / recordings and advise the supervisor of any incidents that deem necessary to be noted.

Once the survey is complete the information will be transcribed at our office and put into a tabulated excel spreadsheet which will provide you with the total number of a legal / illegally parked vehicles per 30 minute beat combined with the total number of spaces available per street.

A detailed site report complied on the survey day will be included in the final data survey results.