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Health, Safety & Welfare Policy

The primary business of the company is the acquisition, whether on the public highway or private sites, the collation of traffic management data by manual and electronic means, of itís processing in the office and the conduct of similar non-highway transport surveys.

By the nature of the business, all work except that carried out in its own offices are carried out on premises under the control of others so a high level of awareness is required at all times to ensure there is co-operation and harmonisation in safety management.

It is the policy of the Company to carry out its management of Health & Safety in accordance with both the requirements of legislation and the application of best practice to eliminate or minimise hazards and reduce the risk of accidents and incidents. It recognises in this its duty to its employees, others with whom they work and any one else affected by their work, including the general public.

Responsibility for implementation of this policy and the management of Health & Safety rests with the Directors who will ensure that all risks to the Health, Safety & Welfare of employees and others are given full consideration during the planning and conduct of all work.

The Director with particular responsibility for Health & Safety issues is Mr David Hayman. Problems in implementing of the policy or other related issues should be taken up with the supervisor concerned at the job site but referred to Mr Hayman where required. The Directors have the assistance of a Health & Safety consultant, where required and will also draw on assistance and advice from other trainers and professionals where needed.

An essential element of the policy is the active involvement of all employees and sub- contractors in ensuring a safe working environment and in recognising their duty to themselves and others in relation to safe working.

The application of the policy and the effectiveness of Health & Safety practice will be monitored and the policy reviewed at least annually.