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Environmental Policy Statement

PCC Traffic Information Consultancy Limited has a dedicated statement of commitment for continuous improvement in
relation to managing the environmental impact and effect of our operations.

We are:
- Committed to continuous improvement of impact to the environment & recognise the importance of compliance
with relevant environmental legislation with a minimum level of performance.

- Continually educating and training our employees in environmental issues including the environmental effects of
their activities in both the workplace and on the job site.

- Monitoring our progress and reviewing our environmental performance on a regular basis (annually).

Additional issues relevant to our organisation include:
- Transport - reduce vehicle usage where appropriate and single occupancy so that our staff and enumerators travel
together to the job site. All diesel vehicles are to use bio diesel where at all possible.

- By the end of 2012 we will aim to be a totally paperless operation within the office. We are gradually introducing and
issuing all staff with hand held PDA type equipment for recording of data thus reducing the need to print field sheets.
All paper and packaging materials used until then will be recycled paper only.

- Efficient use of energy - all electrical equipment is to be switched off at the mains at the end of each working day
and weekends. This includes all PC’s, Printers, Photocopiers, Fax machines etc.

- Joining the “Ripple effect” initiative to help identify ways of saving water and energy procedures to minimise costs
and usage in the office.

- Our business is linked closely to customers through the supply chain and we will endeavour to obtain a copy of their
Environmental Policy, so that our statements can reflect their requirements.